Puzzles Crashing

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Puzzles Crashing

Messaggioda CSteinhardt » dom 8 mar 2020, 14:22

I cannot complete the Cubic this week because it continually crashes in my browser. I have tried both Chrome and Firefox. I have similar problems with the QGL, and usually need to print, solve, then quickly enter the solution after reloading. However, there is not even enough time to do that with the Cubic this week.

Is there something I am doing wrong? I have no way of finishing the puzzle.

Thank you for any help!
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Re: Puzzles Crashing

Messaggioda gabriele » lun 9 mar 2020, 20:17

Sorry Charles for the delay in the answer,
apart from the graphics, QGL and CUBIC have no difference in the scripts of the other variants
can you tell me:
what you mean by crash (can you send me a screen capture, next time)?
which pc and os do you use?
do you have any other open program that can interfere with javascript?
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