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    Without registration you can play only the puzzles from archives and you can visit the Forum. Membership gives access to all daily puzzles with the inclusion in the relative rankings and it allows you to actively participate to the forum.
    Registering is free and fast, among other things with a minimum of patience to fill in few fields, you can receive small pleasant surprises ...

    To register:
    - Click on "Register" on left menu ,
    - Read and accept the terms of use by clicking the appropriate button,
    - Fill in the required fields and follow the simple instructions on the screen,

    If you want you can compare yourself every day with other sudokers and check your progress.
    There are official rankings for all tastes, not counting those that appear spontaneously in the forum, made by the fantasy of the participants.

    In the forum you can also find a section that deals with techniques for solving the various games, along with abundant explanations and detailed discussions you will also find the techniques of sudoku solutions already published.

    Sudoku solvers are free, downloadable online.
    Solver also generates new puzzles and are real "tutor", not only provide solutions, but also demonstrate the techniques used to solve.

    Very active in this section, the site offers almost continuous, individual or team tournaments, where players of all levels can participate.
    Not necessary expertise and even absolute beginners can enter without any restriction.

    It's the most interesting section of the site.
    So exciting to be used almost like a "chat" (although a bit slow ...) by all participants.
    You can participate in any public debate or open new topics: the only limitation is to stay in the tracks of respect for others and their ideas, beliefs and religious faith.