HEADSHRINKER - When the going gets tough, the toughs get going
2even 2oddpoints 510
Consecutivepoints 510
Stripespoints 700
Cubicpoints 720
Descriptive Pairspoints 760
Anti XVpoints 810
Untouchpoints 900
Fortresspoints 950
Killer Pairpoints 970
Touchypoints 1050
TOTAL points 7880

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the next headshrinker will be held from
Thu, May 23, 2024, 10:00 pm
Mon, May 27, 2024, 10:00 am

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Guide to Variants
Guida alle Varianti

tempo al prossimo strizzacervelli - time to next headshrinker
693h 12m 20s

All registered may partecipate to the contest.

You may register here.

The contest will start on Thursday 10:00 pm (GMT +1) and will end on Monday 10:00 am.

At the right date a "start" link will appear above.

Whoever realizes more points with less time will be the winner.

You have NO TIME LIMIT to complete the sudoku variants.

For many people it may be difficult to come with straight many hours for solving all the puzzles in a row.
The time will be calculated as sum of each grid solution time (from the first opening of the grid to its solution).
That means that when you open a grid you must solve it: you can not browse all the variants and after decide where to start.
People that solve on paper should print a single grid, solve it and then open and print the next one.

The difficulty of puzzles is QUITE HARD.

The concept of difficulty is very personal.
I have selected grids solved by the best player in more than 10 minutes and I have cloned them.
The time (seconds) spent in the solution is the one indicated in the points.


When you finish a grid you must wait for the resolution time to appear above the grid.
Sometime it will take a few seconds, depending on the load of the line / server.
If you choose another grid before you get the message from the server, the time is not recorded and the server does not retain record of the solution of the grid.

How to use Flash:

if you never played with our flash player, we recommend you make some practice with our archives.

To see the rules of the variants, go to the guide